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turbulence forecast

Turbulence and turbulence forecast

Turbulence refers to unsteady movements in air or water. When you’re in a plane, turbulence results from changes in airflow. Airflow can refer to the movement of air from one area to another.

animal flight transport

Animal Flight Transport

Animal flight transport is the movement of animals by transport, People who travel with service animals-for example, guide dogs for the visually impaired, or assistance dogs for those who are mobility impaired-do not have the choice of leaving their pet at home.

Aircraft Taxiing; Techniques and Procedures

Aircraft Taxiing: Techniques and Procedures

Taxiing is simply the process of moving an airplane while it’s on the runway. It occurs after an airplane has landed, and it occurs before an airplane takes off. Airplanes don’t actually fly while on the ground. As a result, the process by which they move on the runway isn’t known as flying; it’s known as taxiing.

aircraft engineering

Aircraft Engineering: Concerned the development of aircraft

Aircraft engineering is a branch that deals with airspace development, airport design, aircraft navigation tech., and aerodrome planning. It also involves the formulation of public policy, regulations, and aviation laws pertaining to airspace, airlines, airports, aerodromes, and the conduct of air services agreements through treaties.