We cater to your needs, no matter what

Inflight catering service deals with in-flight meals served to the passengers boarding the flight.
Prepare the airline meal high-quality food by catering companies and served to passengers.

Various rules and regulations to offer passengers quality food and food products guide Companies of Airline Catering Egypt.
With catering centers that can produce up to 120,000 meals a day, as cheese platters for morning flights, and main course meals for all-day flights.

“Instead of immediately serving the food, we will put the meals into a blast chiller and reheated by the crew on the plane”

That means that cooking every plate, chilled, and reheated in ovens. There are no microwaves on board, for food safety.
As we have catering programs, not home made catering nor home cooking, our flight catering prepares in special catering facilities where design the food catering per each airline.

With more than 30 years of experience in the catering business, we provide our clients with a wide range of services on Onboard Aircraft offers catering service.

Various delicious meals and special dietary, designed professionally to suit all kinds of tastes and all nations traditional food and beverage

AN Aviation provides full service to all types of catering: VIPs – business classes – C class – Y class & Special requests through trusted catering companies.