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Introduction about EGPWS

EGPWS Also known as the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System reduces the risk of controlled flight into the terrain by providing flight crews with timely, accurate information about terrain and obstacles in the area.

Overhead bin

Evolution of Cabin Overhead Bin

What happens if I get to the gate and my bag is too big?
According to airline rules, if your carry-on bag is too large, the airline will require you to gate-check your bag and, often, pay a hefty fee to do so. Of course, what the rules state and what actually happens isn’t always the same.

cockpit door

Cockpit Door: Are They Secure?

The cockpit door automatically locks, but a keypad outside allows a flight attendant to insert a security code to gain access. A buzzer sounds, and the pilots must switch the door control inside the cockpit to “unlock” to release the door after verifying the crew member through a peephole or video surveillance.