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Private Jet

A private jet charter is the ultimate in tailored traveling. And while a luxury travel experience is definitely part of the charm, it’s the flexibleness and personalization that drives most customers to fly privately.

Our new clients are generally unclear regarding the ways in which private jet flights differ from airlines. Therefore here are 10 things you can do only on a private jet, that you can’t do when you fly with a commercial airline.

1) take off when you wish to

Whether you need to take off very early to make a breakfast meeting or fly back late to avoid an overnight stay. With a private jet charter, the itinerary fits around you – not the other way around.

2) Drive up to the steps of your private jet

There’s no need for extended transfers from the car park at private jet FBOs – the private jet terminal at the airport. you can park your car right outside and at some airports, even drive right up to the aircraft steps.

3) Meet your crew

While the cockpit door is usually kept locked on airline flights for security reasons, on a private flight you’re welcomed on board by your captain and crew. You’re even welcome to speak to them throughout the flight and visit the flight deck and take pictures with the captain.

Private Jet

4) Fly into remote places

Airline schedules are essentially designed according to demand. Therefore while there are 3,000 airports in Europe, only around 300 are served by an airline route.

But once you fly on a private charter, you decide on where to land. This means smaller airports and more remote spots, such as islands or mountain runways. Or no airport at all? That’s when helicopters come in.

5) Experience no queues or delays

Airports are typically synonymous with long queues and waiting times. That’s why you have to check in at least 2 hours before most airline flights.

But FBOs – the private jet terminal at the airport – are a different experience altogether. after seamless immigration and security checks, you quickly move through, typically boarding within a quarter-hour of arrival.

6) Take your pets into the cabin

Rather than have your dog or cat travel in a crate in the hold, on a private flight pets can travel with you within the cabin. This considerably lessens the stress of air travel, for both pet and owner.

7) Choose who you fly with

It can be pot luck who you share the cabin with on an airline flight – or even on a private shuttle or seat-sharing private jet service.

But with a private charter, you get the entire craft cabin to yourself – just for you and your group. That’s an entirely different travel experience when it involves space and privacy.

8) Eat Whatever You Desire

Airline meals – even in premium seats – can leave you feeling less than happy. And meal service can come along at the wrong time for you. But on a private flight, you decide on what you would like to eat and drink, and when you’d like it.

From a specific brand of herbal tea or unusual craft beer to restaurant-quality dinners, or your children’s favorite breakfast. You can specify what you’d prefer to eat before the flight, and it’ll be arranged for you.

Private Jet

9) Change your plans at the last second

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. therefore if a meeting overruns, traffic builds up, or the weather closes in, you don’t have to be compelled to cancel your flight – if it’s on a private aircraft.

The aircraft will wait for you and can take off later than planned. And you can change your destination at the last minute (even throughout the flight) if plans change.

10) Take off within the hour

Sometimes you need to fly unexpectedly and in a hurry. With airline flight, you will take off according to the schedule of the airline and this can be a few hours away. But with a Private jet, you can arrive and take off immediately without any delays.

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