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What You Need To Know About Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

What You Need To Know About Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft finally announced the release date of the much-awaited Microsoft flight simulator. The brand new simulator will be released on 18th August. The developer also announced the pricing details and it can now be pre-ordered on the Microsoft website.

The flight simulation enthusiasts are already discussing the new simulator coming out next month. It’s presently a hot topic within the entire flight sim community. Let’s take a sneak peek preview of the new simulator and what it’ll offer.


The new Microsoft flight simulator is going to be coming in 3 different editions. standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Premium Deluxe Edition.

All 3 will come beside a large number of 3D modeled airports and high-quality craft. These will also include a detailed landscape of the whole world. Yes, you read it right! the whole world will be there entirely made from the Bing imagery and further enhanced with Azure technology.



The standard edition will be available for USD $59.99. it’ll consist of 30 high detailed airports and 20 aircraft.


The deluxe edition will be available for USD $89.99. it’ll consist of an additional five airports beside all airports enclosed within the standard edition with extra 5 aircraft. so a total of 35 extremely detailed airports and 25 aircraft for you to fly and enjoy.


The premium deluxe edition will be available for USD $119.99. it’ll contain everything that comes with standard and deluxe editions besides an additional five airports and aircraft.

Therefore you’ll have forty extremely detailed and popular airports and thirty aircraft that you’ll take out for a spin. And enjoy the highly detailed scenery and realistic environment that Microsoft has to offer.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Editions:


The digital copies will be made available on the Microsoft Xbox website along with other partner websites. Regarding the physical disc, it’ll only be on the market in Europe at the same price and it will be released by Aerosoft.

The standard edition will also be available through the Xbox game pass for pc. therefore it’s excellent news for you if you’re having a subscription. According to the guys over at FSElite, the Physical disc will be available a few days once the digital release and it’s expected to be released on 21st August 2020. Info on these can be found on the Aerosoft website.

The Boxed version of the new Microsoft flight simulator will also be coming with some handbook of material and guides as previously seen in the previous legendary versions of the Simulators launched by Microsoft. This makes the Physical version much more amazing as you get some books and guides to the new sim.


Whether you’re fond of VFR flying or IFR flying, the new flight simulator is going to be coming with some extremely detailed GA aircraft. As well as some Jets together with the A320, B747-8, and B787 so you’ll be able to fly around the world with a wider variety.

All aircraft that will be enclosed in the standard edition and Deluxe edition will be available in the Premium Deluxe edition along with extra aircraft and airports.

The most popular aircraft including the narrow-body Airbus A320 and Queen of the Skies Boeing 747-8 intercontinental will be available in all versions. Whereas, the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner will only be available in the Premium edition.

If you want to enjoy some VFR flying, then you also have some famous GA aircraft on the list.

The Premium edition also comes with some popular airports. However, it’s your choice, which one you would like to buy. All edition comes with their own perks. whether you want to grab the whole package or simply the basic one at a highly affordable price.


The simulator will be coming with some exciting features that we’ve never seen before in the previously released flight simulators. This makes it even more attractive compared to the other sims available in the market.

Some features of the new Microsoft flight simulator Includes:

  • Over two million extremely detailed cities.
  • 1.5 Billion buildings around the world.
  • Real mountain ranges, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more.

This is all made doable by the Bing imagery and the Azure technology opted by the developers at Microsoft who made it possible to create such a mind-blowing and realistic simulator.

Whether you want to test your flying skills or learn by flying a wide variety of aircraft while sitting at your home in an ultra-realistic environment, it’s the perfect product.

You’ll fly a variety of light aircraft to some heavy commercial jets and level up your experience with interactive and extremely detailed instrument flying guidance and checklists made available by the developer for you. Level up your flight sim experience, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran within the flight simulation.

This new simulator makes it possible for you to experience some highly realistic and detailed physics while flying any aircraft. Fly at a time of your choice, day or night with the integrated live weather engine giving you realistic weather around the world.


Many third-party developers have announced their interest in joining and releasing their products for the new Microsoft flight simulator. Which will enable an entirely new experience for users. making it possible to enjoy some addon aircraft and scenery from some popular developers.


You can find the official requirements in order to run the new simulator. this will provide you with a better idea about the minimum, recommended, and maximum requirements.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements