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Top aviation fun facts to know

Aviation Fun Facts

There is no one denying how aviation is so important in our today’s fast-moving world, The real question is how much do we really know about aviation?
Undoubtedly, there are many aviation fun facts and interesting information that may astonish you.

The Aviation industry is full of secrets and sensitive information, as some of them regarding safety or security issues.
We will tell you about the most interesting aviation fun facts in our article.

1- Pilots eat a different meal

There are various rules which are imposed by different airlines. However, there is one rule which is common to them.
It is a must the pilots and co pilots can not eat the same meal type.

It is that the pilots have to eat the same multi-course meal given to those in the first and business class.
Whilst encouraging the co-pilots to eat different entrees to guard against cases of food poisoning.

2- The famous plane Boeing 747 is made up of more than six million parts

Boeing 747 is the most well-known wide-body commercial airliner and cargo transportation aircraft.
Also, known as the Queen of the Skies or the Jumbo Jet in the aviation world.

Named this airplane because it was the first huge body aircraft ever produced.
A Boeing 747 is made up of more than six million parts which are made together to be all controlled by a few pilots sitting up front with switches and buttons under their fingertips.

3- More than 80% of the population is afraid of flying

Definition of Acrophobia is a fear of heights. Unlike a specific phobia like aerophobia which is the fear of flying and other specific phobias.

Acrophobia can cause a person to fear a variety of things related to being far from the ground.
Depending on the big number of phobia, an acrophobic is to fear being on a high floor of a building or simply climbing a ladder.

4- Each engine on a Boeing 747 weighs about 9,500 pounds

One of the most interesting facts about a Boeing 747 concerns its engine weight.

This aircraft is one of the most popular and beautiful airliners in the sky.
A Boeing 747 is made up of six million parts and one of them is its engine which weighs more than 9,500 pounds (4,300 kg) and costs about 8 million United States Dollars.

5- The busiest commercial airport in the World

The busiest commercial airport in the world is the Hartsfield- Jackson Airport (ATL) in Atlanta, with more than 970.000 airplane movements in the year.
According to the passenger traffic, this airport has been the busiest since 1998. And by the number of landings and take-offs – since 2005.

The Hartsfield–Jackson has held its ranking as the world’s busiest airport in 2012, too, both in terms of the number of passengers and the number of flights.
In the year alone it was visited by 95 million passengers (more than 260,000 passengers daily.

6- The speed of a Boeing 747

Boeing 747 is not the only one of the world’s most recognizable aircraft, and the first wide one ever made.
Another fascinating fact about this aircraft is that the maximum speed of the Boeing 747 is 955 km/h.

7- Only 5% of the population in the world have ever been on an airplane

Though the aviation sector is growing so fast, according to the statistics only 5% of the world’s population has ever flown on an airplane.

Many people, especially the people from the underdeveloped sites, haven’t the experience of flying ever in an aircraft and it is not likely that they will have an opportunity to fly in all of their lives.

However, On the other side, a small minority of the world’s population flies very regularly.

 8- Plans have secret bedrooms and a bathroom for flight attendants

The most hilarious aviation fun facts If flight attendants work on long-haul flights—which can last upwards of 12 hours—they need time to properly rest.
So airlines have installed secret sleeping quarters above the main cabin with seven or eight beds, and occasionally a separate bathroom as well.

They can also enjoy in-flight entertainment while inside these secret chambers. That must be how they keep up their cheery demeanor on those long flights.

9- The taste buds change in flight

For those who don’t find airplane meals particularly palatable: you’re not actually tasting as much of them as you might imagine.
The difference in air pressure and the low humidity in a plane’s cabin makes it more difficult for your taste buds to register sweet and salty flavors.

10- The dirtiest place on the plane isn’t the bathroom

The filthiest place on a plane is that tray table you’re eating your meal off of.
According to a study, tray tables hosted 2,155 colony-forming bacterial units (CFU) per square inch.
In comparison, the button to flush the toilet had just 265 CFU in the same amount of space.

11- Black boxes aren’t actually black

The black box, also known as the Flight Data Recorder, is actually painted bright orange.
The heat-resistant paint used to coat the boxes’ exteriors comes in a highlighter-orange hue, which also happens to make them easier to find in case of an accident.

12- Airplane tires are inflated to about six times the PSI of car tires

The real reason airplane tires rarely pop, even though they’re carrying a huge amount of weight?
It’s not their just thickness that contributes to their strength under pressure.

According to a report,  pumping airplane tires to roughly 200 psi—about six times the psi of an average car tire.
In fact, a Boeing 737’s tires can withstand over 900 psi before bursting.