This airline is offering free flights to medical volunteers

This airline is offering free flights to medical volunteers

Delta Airlines is giving free flights for medical volunteers who are heading toward a region battling a coronavirus outbreak.

The airline said this offer is only for locations in the U.S. Right now, medical volunteers can book free flights to Georgia, Louisiana and Michigan, according to a news release. The volunteers are expected to work with state and local government offices to be deployed to hospitals in areas affected by the virus.

Delta says it’ll look into potentially expanding the program to different regions in need such as California, New York, and Washington.

Eligibility and volunteer program details are being managed by the states. And will be communicated to participants once approved by pertaining states’ local office.

Once eligible candidates are identified, Delta will work with the local government office to make flight reservations. Flights are offered throughout April to start and can be booked up to three days in advance of travel.

Medical volunteers interested in this program should contact the state offices to determine their eligibility based on each state’s needs.

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