Online Pilot Assessment: What? How? Where?

Online Pilot Assessment: What? How? Where?

Would you agree that for the last couple of months the words online, e-learning, e-training, distance support, etc., have become the cornerstone of living in quarantine? The basic outdoor activities are limited up to several clicks and conferences via platforms enabling virtual communication.

But what about aviation? What about pilot training? What about pilots’ assessment? Is it over? Has the method been halted until aircraft are lifted from the ground?

Aviation is going through the unprecedented times, indeed. However, the industry is quickly adapting to new reality and new standards, where possible. for instance, did you know that the planemaker airbus has launched aircraft e-delivery process? amazing transformations!

Meanwhile aviation education at variety of training centers has not been halted, particularly in terms of theoretical preparation and assessment processes that are carried out online.

Online Pilot Assessment: What? How? Where?

For some training centers which adopted online pilot assessment approaches prior to the crisis, it’s already become a standard procedure.

The quarantine and global travel restrictions only contributed to online assessments’ quicker becoming an effective and feasible service on the market. not to omit the fact that it’s also approved by regulatory bodies.

Our specialists, therefore, have been holding candidates’ assessment online since 2019. Now, in accordance with all the regulations and relevant approved processes, we are further meeting new candidates and interacting with potential students in the virtual environment.

Thus, the background and the experience collected are considerable enough to secure you with some important insights and tips. For the clear beginning, some of the foremost common questions & answers:

How many stages the online assessment and how long will it take to complete the one?

The structure and duration of the online pilot assessment are similar to the regular one carried out at a training center. the full assessment takes 4.5 hours and consists of the four following parts:

  • cut-e cognitive abilities
  • cut-e English
  • cut-e personal traits, competencies
  • interview with an assessment specialist.

What do you need?

As the word ‘online’ suggests itself, first of all, you need a very good internet connection and a computer to be able to connect, complete tests and contact with an assessment team representative. also you need a camera, which should be active throughout the assessment (if your computer has an integrated camera – it would be perfectly enough).

Further keeping the topic of the key devices, you’ll additionally need a working computer mouse and headphones. Before the assessment, though, you’ll be provided with the full list of essential items.

How to prepare for the assessment?

The way of preparation for the online pilot assessment is totally the same as for the regular assessment at the training center. it’s recommended to revise the basics of maths, physics and English.

Also, you’ll prepare by doing sample tests aimed at preparation for the assessment which are available on the internet. A good preparation tool could be considered, for example, games simulating flights. These could help shape advanced control or spacial orientation skills. Moreover, there are various applications which can help develop such abilities as logical thinking, etc.

Advantages of online assessment. What Are They?

Although the whole procedure is the same, tests are the same and methods are the same. There’s one necessary aspect that makes online assessment a bit different from the one carried out at a training center. You’ll do this at any preferable location.

This difference, in particular, provides you with some substantial advantages. advantages that could contribute to successful pass.

Favorable environment. one of the benefits is a well-known environment that could help maintain a lower stress level and help concentrate better. Wouldn’t you agree that a couple of strangers and unfamiliar room make you more nervous?

Nevertheless, with an online assessment you’ll stay at home, choose a quiet place. And ensure that none disturbs you for the upcoming 5 hours, make yourself comfortable and possibly make an excellent start into the professional pilots’ world.

Decreased mental exhaustion of traveling. When you are traveling to do an assessment and your journey to a training center takes at least 2 or 3 days. You become tired, at any case. particularly when the time zones are quite completely different and your internal clock gets lost for a while.

This feeling of fatigue could negatively impact your readiness and tests’ results. especially once there’s no or very little rest between your journey and assessment time.

When you undergo the assessment while staying at your home, you’ll be able to avoid this. although you have to pick from available assessment times and adjust to it, this will affect you less than travelling exhaustion.

Less expenses. online assessment is also an opportunity to save lots of on travelling and accommodation.

Most Challenging Aspects. What Are They?

Of course, in line with huge advantages, you’ll be faced with some challenges. Technical challenges. the most important factor that each side should have – very strong internet connection.

Due to the fact that a lot of businesses have been currently transferred into the virtual world and a large part of the population is working remotely, our global connectivity can sometimes spring an unpleasant surprise.

Even though your connection is usually good, there’s no guarantee that it’ll not become a bit poorer for a while. especially considering the fact that during the whole method you want to have your camera active. the same applies to the other side – the assessment team.

But we are able to assure you that it’s not a big deal. Challenges make us stronger while you’ll even derive an additional benefit by demonstrating your ability to appropriately react to such a problem. quick yet calm and emotionless reaction is a vital skill every pilot should possess.

If someone conducting an assessment asks you to repeat your answer or question because of connection issues, it doesn’t mean that you said something wrong. it’s a valuable ability to not get lost and stay confident with your answers.

Why Is It worth Doing online Assessment Now?

Many of you’ll wonder why it’s worth doing it now, when the crisis is halfway and the situation has very little certainty.

First of all, now you can dedicate more time for preparation and increase your chances to successfully pass the selection. sometimes candidates are busy with their works, education and personal plans so it’s tough to find enough time to sufficiently prepare and go through the assessment. Now, when the whole world has stopped for a while, you’ll effectively use this waiting time.

Finally, every crisis ends and this one will end, too. Aviation will set itself on the recovery path and start getting back to normal, to ‘new normal’. The industry would be different after the crisis is weathered.

Therefore, once you complete your pilot training in approximately 2 years, it’s highly doable that you can get professionally ready to enter a wholly new aviation already soaring to its new heights. Keep your patience and have your wings ready to spread.




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