Flying across the united kingdom in a private plane is officially cheaper than taking the train. Professional deal hunter, Tom Church, revealed the discovery to his website, after catching a flight from London to Newcastle.

Church, 26, booked a plane as the solo passenger for £67 – the equivalent train ticket cost £146, more than double the price. Finding train travel prices exorbitant, he turned to a service known as Wingly. Which puts hobbyist pilots in touch with members of the public for mutual benefit.

Customers like Church can get to wherever they want to go for the fraction of the price of a train ticket or commercial flight, and hobbyists are able to try out new routes and relishes their love of flying. The term ‘hobbyist’ shouldn’t put passengers off too much – all pilots are fully-qualified and licensed.

Time is additionally a good thing about flying; had Church taken the train, he would have departed urban center at 5 pm and arrived in London at seven.50pm. Outward at constant time however motion via private plane, the journey took nearly the same time and he arrived in London at 6:30 pm.

“People should definitely give this a go,” Church told The independent. “If you go onto the website and can’t see anything that works for you, you’ll write a message asking pilots to take you somewhere. The pilots love it because they get to try new routes they don’t usually choose to do.”

Flying by private plane can save time and money

Church received many offers once he’d posted his request on Wingly. Having chosen pilot Andrew Hyatt, who runs an interior design firm by day, he then organized the booking directly and received a message saying the plane was fuelled and ready to go on the day.

Hyatt said: “I think this is an excellent idea. I used to be flying from London to Newcastle anyway, thus it makes sense to take someone with me. It’s cheaper and faster for you, and it gets more people interested in flying.”

However, this method of transport might not be for the faint-hearted. The aircraft tend to be on the small side – Church’s ride was a Mooney 301 with just four seats, including the pilot’s.

“The take-off and landing were more wobbly than normal commercial jets,” said Church. “But the pilot takes you on top of the clouds thus there’s very little disturbance. Andrew navigated faraway from bad weather.”

For those who can stomach the take-off, this method of travel also eliminates check-in, security and waiting around at the airport. Passengers simply turn up and go. though keen to share the advantages of using this travel hack. Church additionally stressed the necessity to address Britain’s train prices.

“Members of my bargain hunting community had long been complaining about the value of train tickets. It’s one of Britain’s worst issues.”

Church added: “This is a wake-up call to transport Minister Chris Grayling. When flying between United Kingdom cities is cheaper than the train, you recognize something’s gone wrong.”


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