Egypt Will Resume Air Traffic In Early July

Egypt Will Resume Air Traffic In Early July

The Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation, Tourism, and Antiquities announced the resumption of air traffic in all Egyptian airports in early July, and the country is preparing to receive tourists in 3 governorates, South Sinai, the Red Sea, and Matrouh.

The Minister of Civil Aviation, Pilot Mohamed Manar, said that the resumption of air traffic comes after the implementation of all precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus, and the reassurance of the preparations made at all airports, to preserve the health and lives of passengers, workers and aircraft crews.

The Minister of Aviation stated that all the aircraft and airports were sterilized, dry meals will be provided only on planes and canned drinks, banning the distribution of publications and folders on the plane, and obliging passengers and aircraft crews to wear masks, while providing places for chronic disease holders in the last two rows for not being able to wear masks for long periods.

The Minister indicated that the temperature measurement should be replaced by manual thermometers with electronic gates, in order to ensure ease and speed of movement, and the luggage will be sterilized before placing it on the luggage belt.

The Minister of Aviation stressed that only travelers coming from countries in which the health organization declares that the outbreak reaches the epidemic level will have to submit the result of the PCR test.

Dr. said. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism, that the incoming tourism movement will be resumed to three governorates, which are South Sinai and the Red Sea and Matrouh, starting from the first of July. Short.

He added that the Ministry has taken gradual steps to resume the tourism movement, as it was opened for domestic tourism on May 15 for domestic tourism with 25% of the capacity of the tourist establishment, and at that stage 78 hotels obtained the license.

Then it was raised to 50% of the absorptive capacity, as of the beginning of this June, and 232 hotels obtained a license to operate, which is issued by 3 entities, which are the Ministries of Tourism and Health and the Chamber of Hotel Establishments.

Al-Anani clarified that starting from the beginning of next July, we will start resuming incoming tourism to three coastal governorates away from large population centers and witnessing the least monitoring of Coronavirus in Egypt, and the tourist will not be allowed to move outside the province.

The Minister of Tourism stressed that there is no negligence with any tourist establishment that does not adhere to the precautionary measures, whether from social distances, measuring temperatures or other matters, indicating that he decided yesterday, Saturday, to stop the activity of a hotel and authorize its manager to not adhere to the social distance, we are now in an exceptional stage, As each hotel manager will sign the procedures and be at risk of revoking the license in case of non-compliance.

The minister said that periodic inspection committees will visit hotels periodically to follow up on and implement precautionary measures, in cooperation with foreign companies.

The measures that hotels will take include maintaining ventilation, safe disposal of waste, and the use of wastebaskets that open with feet, not hands, and the number of elevator users not exceed 50% of their capacity and lack of contact, measuring the temperature of each employee daily, and workers obtaining holidays every 60 days Work, with detection and quarantine for a short period before receiving work and when going on vacation, reducing employment to 50% as well as in workers’ housing.

In addition, rules were established to receive guests to accommodate rooms and dining halls, swimming pools and gyms, and the temperature of the guest will be measured whenever he enters the hotel, with luggage sterilized before entering.

The government has provided a number of incentives to stimulate tourism in Egypt due to suffering from the effects of the Coronavirus, including:

1. Cancellation of tourist visas for foreigners coming to tourist governorates until October 31, 2020.
2. Extending the current flight stimulus program until October 29, 2020.
3. The Ministry of Petroleum granted a reduction in aviation fuel prices, bringing the total value of the reduction to 10 cents per gallon.
4. 50% reduction on landing and boarding fees for airlines
5. 20% reduction on fees for ground services provided for direct flying to the tourist governorates airports in 3 governorates, the Red Sea, South Sinai and Matrouh, until October 31, 2020.
6. 20% discount on ticket prices for visiting all museums and archeological sites of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
7. Discounts on visit permits for tourists arriving from abroad on Egypt Air and Air Cairo Airlines provided that the discount period of validity is 15 days.

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